Modular Paisley Button-Down-Vest Hybrid
  • Modular Paisley Button-Down-Vest Hybrid

    Floral button down. Seven button closure. Reversible floral vest attached at yoke wight five button closure. Chest pocket on shirt and two faux pockets on vest. 


    WRIGHT Pictures Certificate of Authenticity plaque at front. This plaque authenticates the attached product as a genuine costume manufactured by the WRIGHT Pictures for the feature: Watch the World Go By. Made of brushed finish stainless steel, chemically engraved and printed with baked enamel paint.

    Width: 80.0mm, Height: 50.0mm, Thickness: 1.2mm 


    These garments were produced from previously discarded materials, which have been reclaimed, restored and embellished for use in the feature Watch the World Go By. Any flaws and imperfections in the nature of the materials is an integral part of WRIGHT design philosophy, which aims to perpetuate a new standard of perfection in sustainable design.


    Ivan is 171cm.

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