The Leatherman's Mask
  • The Leatherman's Mask

    One-of-One head and face piece, featuring an array of discrepant horns surrounding the crown of the head, built in light up eyes, real human hair on brow, distressed black paint revealing a red base below and unseemly facial features to match. 


    Built upon a base of wire and cloth tape to form the basic head piece, horns and mask sections the outer layer was constructed utilizing blu tac and oil paints to get the desired texture, shape and colour, covered in an adhesive varnish.


    This piece was not designed with a specific visual outcome, the end product was instead dictated by the creative process. The outcomes/imperfections that came with each act of creation informed future choices. Allowing for this unnatural piece to seem more organic and chaotic in its appearance. 


    Cloth tape, wire, blu tac, oil paint, human hair, electrical wire, yellow LEDs and 9V Battery.


    Khalil is 183cm.

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