FROM Watch the World Go By



  • Brown Single Breasted, Half-Lined Suit Jacket

  • White Reconstructed Suit Singlet

  • Cream Checked Short-Sleeve Shirt with Breast Pocket and Straight Hem.

  • Brown Suit Pants 



  • White Buffallo: Large Camel Tapestry at Jacket back. Pants Tailored to 32” Waist, Pleats Added. New Shoes

  • Albatross: Tartan Godets Inserted Into Pants. Golf Score Card Embellished on Shirt. Mushroom Patch on Jacket.

  • Upskirt: Stacked Collars on Shirt. Gold Lace Trim on Jacket Lapel and Pockets. Gold Lace Trim on Pant Pocket. Studs on Singlet. Jacket buttons replaced. Shirt Buttons Replaced.

  • Melissa: Hand Embellished Beading on Lapel and Jacket Collar. 

  • Kingfisher: Bird Print by Hellewell on Left pant leg. Cableknit Socks. “Lifetime of Waiting” Collegiate Letters on Back of Shirt. Bird Pins on Lapel.

  • Gallowgate: Studded belt added to Pants. Symbols of gender unity, reincarnation and Faith Topstitched on jacket. Black Paint Markings. Anti-Heritier print on Singlet.

  • Raymond: Multicolour Knit Patches added to jacket Sleeves and Patch Pocket at rear of pants. 

  • Aleutian: Hand-drawn Satin used as jacket lining. Paint distressing added to pant hems and shoes.

  • Thank God for The Rain: Sportswear Patches throughout jacket. Red Zip at Jacket Closure. Tracksuit Cuffs added at Jacket Cuffs. First Place Ribbon On Shirt. 

  • King of Saxony: Floral Structured underarm wings added to the jacket. Bird Wing Back Pack.

  • Eluding the Fox: Grey Tie.